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We call him “the new Leonard Bernstein” as his stage presence and audience rapport are very engaging. 

 Charlotte Woods, former Executive Director, WASHINGTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

Washington Symphony Orchestra

Piecuch’s conducting was unfailingly animated and demonstrative! 

      WASHINGTON POST – Tim Page

Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra

Maestro radiates music energy.

He gives his talent to every single concert- as a Triumph of Art.

         EVENING KRASNOYARSK – Siberia, Russia - Boris Plotnikov

 “H.M.S. Pinafore” Music Director/Conductor, Martin Piecuch, is obviously extremely accomplished.  His orchestra is exquisite, reflecting his musicianship, as well as good musicians and lots of practice.  His singers’ voices soar through the score with impeccable diction and lovely phrasing.

             FAIRFAX JOURNAL – Gae Johnson

In “L’Histoire du Soldat”, Martin Piecuch led the Ensemble of the U.S. Congressional Philharmonic Society with wit and authority.           

         WASHINGTON POST – Tim Page

Volkland Philharmonic Greiz/Reichenbach

When the small but energetic man stepped on the podium, one could already feel how much fire this man has.

He directed with such brilliance, that one could have heard a pin drop in the concert hall. An exceptional concert was performed.


Pacific Symphony Orchestra

Inspired by work with a great master, the musicians of the PSO gave a triumphant performance of Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and Stravinsky. 

           NOVOSTI VLADIVOSTOK – Russia - Sergei Kozhin

 Piecuch and the WSO turned in a splendid account of the Liszt tone poem “Hamlet” and in Suite from

“Henry V” by William Walton, the expression and the execution are as one, measure for measure, decisively articulated.

WASHINGTON POST – Charles McCardell

Martin Piecuch has come to Moscow at the invitation of Vladimir Ponkin who heads the State Symphony Orchestra and beginning with the current season is the main conductor of the Gelikon-0pera theatre. As Vladimir Ponkin said at a press conference on Monday, what particularly interests him is the width of Piecuch's artistic views, his emotionality, original techniques and ability to "squeeze" the maximum out of the orchestra. "This is a real find for the Moscow public," said Ponkin, adding that Gelikon-Opera has several proposals for Martin Piecuch on jointly working.

      PRAVDA  Moscow

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SoundMusic concludes its first season with a rousing coda
By Milton Moore
Publication: The Day
Published 08/03/2009

A Triumphant Debut for SoundMusic at Harkness
By Milton Moore
Publication: The Day
Published 07/20/2009

JAZZ CONCERTS (in Russian)
Archangelsk in March 2005

Yakutsk in April 2004

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia January 7, 1996


Reichenbach Zeitung
May 10/11, 199

The Evening Krasnoyarsk (Vecherniy Krasnoyarsk). 1 July l995

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